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Assurance and business services to a diverse client base ranging from small businesses & start-ups to large groups and development sectors

provide the following auditing and Assurance Services:

Statutory Audit for Companies and LLP's.
Books of account of every company is required to be audited as prescribed under companies Act 2013.

internal Audit
Revenue Audit – Income Leakage Audit
Compliance Audit – Taxation and other regulatory
Payroll Audit
Reimbursement Audit
Procurement Audit
Systems Audit – EDP Audit
Stock Audit

Provisions of the companies Act, 2013 requires the following class of companies to apoint an internal Auditor or a firm of internal auditors

Income Tax Audit
Income Tax Act, 1961 requires, Persons (individuals, firms or companies) whose turnover during the financial year exceeds limits specified below to get their books of accounts audited by a independent Practcing Chartered Accountant:
1. For persons carrying on business Rs. 2 Crore or 20 Million
2. For persons carrying on profession Rs. 50 Lakhs 0.5 Million


Our Services

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